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Packrack - DS1000/1600


Brand: Aardwolf
Product Code: DS1000/1600
Price: $900.00 +GST
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Packrack - DS1000/1600

The Packracks are frames specifically designed and constructed for the transportation and storage of granite and marble or other sheet material, which needs to be transported or stored vertically.  Packracks are delivered as a package of parts that can be assembled by one man in less than 15 minutes.
Strong: The Packracks are strong, made of steel.
Safe: Not only safe for the user but also for the load.   The risk of damaging your goods is reduced to an absolute minimum by the ideal angle of inclination of the frames profile and the generous covering of all rest points with rubber.
Lightweight: Because of their unique design the Packracks are the lightest steel frames on the market when compared with other steel frames of the same dimensions.
Durable: The unique design of the Packracks make them particularly strong for their weight.  The steel is zinc coat finished.  The Packracks, if used correctly will last a lifetime.


Maximum Load Capacity: 1000kg
Weight: 60kg

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