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180º Rotation Vacuum Lifter 160kg

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Brand: Aardwolf
Product Code: ARV-180
Price: $2,875.00
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180º Rotation Vacuum Lifter 160kg

180º Rotation Vacuum Lifter 160kg

With the ability to rotate 180 degrees, the 180º Rotation Vacuum Lifter 160kg is uniquely useful in rotating and lifting slab and glass with a varied orientation of 90-180 degrees.
Like other air compressed-driven devices, no electric power and lubrication are required for the 180º Rotation Vacuum Lifter 160kg.  A built-in gas spring allows the self-adjustment of counterbalance for the lifter upon the load weight for safely and securely lifting and rotating the slab.  A slide valve for control of the inflow and outflow of compressed air through the air cylinder is equipped in such an assured way that suction pads keep the load safely and securely as the rotation and lifting of slab.  Furthermore, for the safety of the operator, an alarm system and vacuum gauge are equipped to make an audio and visual warning in the event of leakage or low vacuum level.


Suction Pad Dimension: Diameter of 150mm
Number of Pads: 4
Lifting Capacity:
- Horizontal Lifting: 160kg
- Vertical Lifting : 80kg

Compressed Air Requirement
Air Consumption: 180 l/min
Supply Air Pressure: 5 bar

Alarm System Battery Information
- Lipo Battery Capacity: 3.7V 2000mAhx1
- Standby Time: 5000h
- Non Stop Working Time: 7h
- Charging Requirements:
 + Input: 220V 50-60Hz
 + Output: 5V 1A
- Charging Cycle: 1000 times
- Charging Time: 2h
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