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Aardwolf has created a new innovative device, the Lifter Twister.  The device works with the Aardwolf Slab and Glass Lifters, forklift, truck crane to lift and move stone and glass sheets.  The Twister is equipped with a remote control and allows the user to independently perform all of the lifting and moving operations safer, faster and more convenient without the assistance of a han..
Finished Goods Rack
Safely store product while taking up very little space. The Aardwolf Finished Goods Racks are for the storage of surplus stone pieces and finished items such as window sills, counter tops, etc.  Rails are topped with 10mm thick white rubber, making them particularly suitable for sensitive stone slabs, preventing breakage and accidents.   Features Posts can be remove..
Pallet Crane Fork
Aardwolf Pallet Crane Fork offers a flexible lifting solution for loading, unloading, handling and transporting heavy materials within production environments.  The Aardwolf Pallet Crane Fork is a crane attachment engineered to optimise efficiency for overhead lifting for material handling systems.  The Pallet Crane Fork is especially helpful maximising efficiency in production enviro..
Folding A-Frame - FAF-1600
Hauling granite and marble isn't easy, and it certainly isn't safe if you don’t have the right equipment.  A well made transporting frame is needed for both the safety of the driver and other workers, as well as for the protection of the granite and marble. The sturdy Aardwolf Folding A-Frame for transporting stone has unique integrated vertical locking bars and ratchet locking stra..
Kitchen Installation Cart
Safe and easy loading, transporting and installing kitchen tops and other workpieces up to 500kg. Vertical transport of the kitchen top. The Aardwolf Kitchen Installation Cart provides a safer means of stone transportation and installation.  The frame features a series of transfer bearings allowing the countertop to roll into place without friction and without strain, while increasing..
Ratchet Seam Setter
Positions counter top horizontally & vertically.  Dual-action ratcheting handle allows horizontal adjustments to tighten or loosen joint.  Also a very handy tool for joining/gluing of coloured marble panels that have broken on a mud vein. Specifications Package Dimensions: L490 x W350 x H185mm Weight: 9.2kg ..
Finished Goods Post 50x50x2 - 700 High
This 50 x 50 x 700mm post with a 2mm wall thickness and made from steel with a yield strength of 345 MPa is designed for the storage of finished goods and remnants with a height of no more then 700mm. Specifications Weight: 2.4kg Storage Capacity The maximum number of marble or granite slabs that can be safely stored per bay at a 4° lean depends on the type of pos..
Electric Vacuum Suction Cup Lifter
The electric vacuum suction cup lifter is one of the very best technological innovations that are capable of lifting up heavy objects in a variety of ways.  It operates by creating a high level of suction, which enables it to stick to almost any flat surface.  The tool works very well on rough, porous and even wet surfaces.   The electric vacuum suction cup lifter can sup..
Fork Extensions - Heavy Duty 1500 (pair)
The extra heavy duty fork extensions are built strong with double walls on the side and full plate on the underside.  A fast efficient way of handling lightweight loads of bulk.  Fork blade extensions are invaluable when it comes to loading or unloading material out of the back of pick-up trucks.  The fork extensions slide over fork blades and are locked onto fork blades by tight..
Scissor Lifter ASL-105 Chain Attachment
Optional short chain and shackle for the ASL-105 Scissor Lifter. ..
Steel Post Base 1200-1400
Steel post base for accurate setting of 4° slab lean.  Designed for slab and bundle rack posts with a height of 1200 or 1400mm. Weight: 0.8kg ..
Master Trolley
The Aardwolf Master Trolley is a specialized lightweight, compact dolly designed to facilitate the transportation of panel slabs or countertops. With its sturdy aluminium frame, this trolley can support 350 kg (770 pounds). The Trolley's low profile allows for increased clearance of tall items through doorways, while its integrated clamps securely hold panels material in place during transp..
Stone Panel Carriers
The Stone Panel Carrier is designed for lifting, carrying and moving sheets from building materials that are large, unwieldy and heavy, such as panels of glass, granite, marble, plywood, particle board etc. This device significantly reduces stress and the potential of injuries to fingers, wrists and back.  It also reduces physical fatigue.  The Stone Panel Carrier works by clampi..
Vacuum Paver Lifter
The Aardwolf Vacuum Paver Lifter uses a standard air compressor (minimum 5.2 cfm @ 125 psi) to create vacuum in a line attached to a handle or grip.  The user sets the pad on the tiles or stone, creating a tight suction seal, then lifts and sets the stone in place.  A Venturi trigger on the handle provides a quick release.  The Aardwolf Vacuum Paver Lifter reduces injuries and sa..
PVC Apron
Features 100% PVC Waterproof Sizes: One size Available Colours: Black ..
Webbing Sling CLS-3t
Specifications Material: 100% high tenacity polyester Colour: Green Effective Length: 3m Saefty Factor: 8:1 Capacity: 3,000kg Complemented with a protective sleeve ..
Storage A-Frame - Basic (Heavy Duty)
The Storage A-Frame - Basic (Heavy Duty) is a basic a-frame for supporting natural and engineered stone slabs.  100mm x 50mm C channel on the bottom allows timber gluts to be put into the channel if preferred.  Steel cross member and fasteners included. Features Heavy duty steel construction Store slabs on both sides Full slab design Sold ..
Polishing Stand Auto Lock
Double jaw auto clamping polishing stand that is adjustable for height and length, for polishing granite that is standing vertical on edge, as opposed to horizontal polishing. Granite standing vertical on edge is the most comfortable way for a polisher to hand polish granite edges.  With this stand the polisher is able to set work pieces at their optimum height thereby reducing strain..
Rock Lifter Grapple ARL-800
The Rock Lifter Grapple is an attachment that makes moving and setting large rocks and boulders a snap.  Designed for the landscape contractor, stonemason or anyone else who works regularly with rocks and boulders.  The Rock Lifter Grapple is a efficient solution to work faster, better and with less labor. Features High tensile steel welded construction Simple an..
Slab Bundle Handler 3t
As a crate extraction unit, the Slab Bundle Handler is a crane attachment used for lifting crated slabs of marble and granite from closed top containers.  Designed to lift stone slab bundles securely and to increase efficiency and worker safety with improved load handling.  With the addition of a Slab Bundle Handler, your existing crane can be used to perform many of the functions gen..