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Fork Mounted Vacuum Lifter FMVLA

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Brand: Aardwolf
Product Code: FMVLA
Price: $18,790.00 +GST
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Fork Mounted (Vacuum) Lifting Attachment | Vacuum Lifter | Aardwolf

Fork Mounted Vacuum Lifter FMVLA

The Fork Mounted Vacuum Lifter is designed to lift and lower sheet materials.  The device combines a vacuum lifter with a fork truck and remote control for handling diverse types of sheet, plate and large panels such as glass, stone, metal, concrete, plastics, timber and laminates.
  • Ability to tilt 90 degrees through a remote control
  • Vacuum pads can be easily adjusted
  • The pressure control system automatically activates the vacuum pump once the pressure exceeds the limit
  • Audio/visual safety system
  • Integrated with a forklift through a safe chain system
  • Provides versatile lifting and safety for the operator
  • More versatile than magnets and more productive than clamps or slings

We declare that this product is in conformity with the following standard: AS 4991-2004 Lifting Devices.


Suction Pad Dimension: 500 x 300mm
Number of Pads: 4
Lifting Capacity:
- Horizontal Lifting: 1,000kg
- Vertical Lifting : 760kg
Packaging Dimensions: L2140 x W1650 x H580mm
Weight Of Unit: 275kg

Battery Information
- Power Supply: 12v-100A Battery
- Charging Requirements: 12V-20A
- Standby Time: 100h
- Charging Cycle: 1000 times
- Charging Time: 5h
- Non Stop Working Time: 3h

Motor Information
- Vacuum Flow Rate: 55.8l/min
- Motor: 12V DC-12 8A
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