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Master Trolley

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Brand: Aardwolf
Product Code: AMT01
Price: $485.00 +GST
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Master Trolley AMT01

Master Trolley

The Aardwolf Master Trolley is a specialized lightweight, compact dolly designed to facilitate the transportation of panel slabs or countertops. With its sturdy aluminium frame, this trolley can support 350 kg (770 pounds).

The Trolley's low profile allows for increased clearance of tall items through doorways, while its integrated clamps securely hold panels material in place during transport from the fabrication shop to the final installation site. The Master Trolley can be used in pairs to handle extra-large pieces for added convenience and versatility. Furthermore, the rubber-lined support rail minimizes the risk of damage or cracking during transport. The non-marking, flat-free tires provide excellent shock absorption. it accommodates various workpiece sizes, making it an ideal solution for different construction applications.

The Aardwolf Master Trolley is an essential tool for businesses in the glass and stone industries, providing a reliable and efficient means of safely transporting and installing countertops and other heavy materials.


Loading Capacity: 350kg
Package Dimensions: L580 x W290 x H410mm

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