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Work Shop Rack - 2.44m
The Work Shop Racks are ideal for distributors and shops that use a variety of slab sizes.  As inventory is used, posts can be adjusted horizontally, thus eliminating unused portions of the rails, making space available for replacement slabs and bundles.  Please review our rack selection and specifications to select the correct rack components.   Features The rack h..
Waste Bin 1000 PC (Powder Coated) 3mm
Manufactured from 3mm plate.  The bottom is reinforced to ensure a long life of the bin.  The release mechanism is activated by the forklift operator pulling the draw rope from the drivers seat.  The custom built shock absorber prevents impact forces being transmitted to the forklift during emptying.  Powder coat finish. Options include Wheels Air shock..
Economic Slab Buggy - Single Side
The Economy Slab Buggy Single Side is a cost saving version which is ideal for transporting sheet materials such as stone slabs and glass within the factory and building sites.  Includes rubber topped frame for maximum protection.   Also featuring four heavy-duty wheels (two solid wheels and two lockable swivel wheels), allowing easy maneuvering of fully loaded buggy in the work..
AVLP 2 - 500kg Vacuum Lifter
This vacuum lifter is designed to lift smooth or rough marble & granite.  Features rugged construction with the added ability to lift and then tilt the stone.  Powered by compressed air. Features Pneumatic vertical-horizontal tilting from 0 to 90° by pneumatic pistons. Stainless steel vacuum tank ensuring safe pickup in the event of a sudden power break to t..
Hand Truck AHT-750
Robust steel construction, wooden bearing surface, rubber grips and rubber coated plate.  Stationing supports. Specifications Load Capacity: 750kg Height: 1260mm Track Width: 580mm Blade Dimensions: 420 x 55mm Pneumatic Wheels: 250 x 75mm Weight: 18kg ..
Glass Lifter AGL-22
The Glass Lifter AGL22 is the perfect piece of equipment for lifting and moving materials in the glass industry.  This lifter is integrated with automatic self-adjusment without an external electric or pneumatic engine.  These durable and dependable lifters are ideal for any racking system. Specifications Maximum Load: 750kg Glass Sheet Thickness: 2 - 22mm Dimensions:..
Paving Stone Lifter
The Paving Stone Lifter save time and reduce stress on the back and knees when installing paving flags.  It can also be used with concrete, sandstone, slate, etc.  Safe lifting height recommend when using the Paving Stone Lifter is no more than 75mm (3”) to 125mm (5”) above the work area. Features Head is constructed with heavy duty aluminium A complete line ..
Demountable Frame - DFF 200
For storing and transporting finished work.  Ideal for transporting and storing material within the factory or transporting material to building sites.  Frames can be loaded onto truck by forklift or crane. Often people like to have two a-frames for one base.  They will have one frame on their truck and one in the factory on the base.  When the truck comes back from one ..
Forklift Jib FB1-2720
All Aardwolf forklift jibs are made from high-grade Australian rectangular tube steel, AS1163-450 LO, which ensures strength, reliability and safety.  The Aardwolf forklift jibs compliment the patented range of Aardwolf lifting clamps. The Forklift Jib FB1-2720 is a telescoping two-section rectangular tube steel jib for use on 2t and 2.5t forklift trucks.  It offers versatility w..
Scissor Lifter ASL-125
Aardwolf Scissor Lifters are equipped with rubber contact pads, which ensure the safe handling of materials.  By means of a gravity controlled locking latch, the clamp automatically grips and releases the load. Application Suitable for lifting marble and granite slabs, tomb stones, concrete barriers, curbs (kerbs) and median walls.  WLL 750kg. Features Gri..
Folding A-Frame - FAF-1800
Hauling granite and marble isn't easy, and it certainly isn't safe if you don’t have the right equipment.  A well made transporting frame is needed for both the safety of the driver and other workers, as well as for the protection of the granite and marble. The sturdy Aardwolf Folding A-Frame for transporting stone has unique integrated vertical locking bars and ratchet locking stra..
PVC Sleeves
Features 100% PVC Waterproof Elastic sleeve hem to prevent slipping Sizes: One size Available Colours: Black ..
Snail Lock 100mm
These aluminium backer plates are attached to the polishing tool and each of the pads has a snail lock adapter.  The adapter simply fits into place and locks on with a twisting motion.  To remove the pads simply untwist and remove, then replace with next grit. Specifications 100mm Snail Lock 5/8"-11 or M14. Aluminium with rubber damper. Weight: 0.26kg ..
Fork Extensions - Heavy Duty 2000 (pair)
The extra heavy duty fork extensions are built strong with double walls on the side and full plate on the underside.  A fast efficient way of handling lightweight loads of bulk.  Fork blade extensions are invaluable when it comes to loading or unloading material transporting frames into and out of the back of pick-up trucks.  The fork extensions slide over fork blades and are loc..
Forklift Jib FB2-3580
All Aardwolf forklift jibs are made from high-grade Australian rectangular tube steel, AS1163-450 LO, which ensures strength, reliability and safety.  The Aardwolf forklift jibs compliment the patented range of Aardwolf lifting clamps. The Forklift Jib FB2-3580 is a telescoping two section rectangular tube steel jib for use on 3t forklift trucks and larger.  It offers versatility..
Stone Carrying Clamp (0-50mm)
The Stone Carry Clamp is used in pairs, allowing you to safely lift and carry panels with a comfortable posture.  The clamp design uses the weight of the stone to provide the clamping action.  Vulcanised rubber lining on the jaws prevents damage to the surface of the material. Note: Sold in pairs Specifications Grip Range: 0 - 50mm Lifting Capacity Per Set: 200..
Lifting Clamp for Round Bar
The Lifting Clamp for Round Bar (BL305) is designed for clamping and lifting steel pipes and steel tubes.  It is fast, efficient, flexible and fully automatic, the BL305 is ideal for work in the factory or on construction sites.  It is equipped with an auto-locking latch mechanism and it needs no electric or hydraulic power supply.  The BL305 can be used with overhead crane or fo..
Work Table - WT910
Versatile dual function fabrication table ideal when cutting, grinding or polishing an already cut to size piece.  Serves as a work table in the horizontal position and as a slab dolly in the vertical position.  The table top is adjustable for different sloping positions. With four adjustable leveling posts for stability and removable centre brace for inconvenience when working w..
Spreader Bar - 2.5t
Specifically designed for the stone industry.  The spreader bar, in combination with endless slings, is an invaluable piece of equipment where stone is required to be rolled over.  Slings are suspended on crowned aluminium rollers.  This makes turning of the load in the sling easier.  Rollers will handle up to 90mm wide slings.  Swivel hooks can be used in place of roll..
Floor Vice FV-80
For clamping and holding of marble and granite work pieces in a vertical position.  The Floor Vice Model 80 is ideal for polishing individual edges of marble and granite, which are held firmly by the jaws. The Floor Vice Model 80 consists of a powder coated steel base clamp unit, a pair of rubber lined jaws and rubber protected rest. Features Quick and easy set up ..