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Hand Truck AHPT-1000 A
Universal hand truck with displacement of centre of gravity, robust tubular construction.  Wooden bearing surface, tilting claws, with galvanised or rubber coating.  Special pneumatic wheels 6 ply for high load capacity. Specifications Load Capacity: 1,000kg Height in Vertical Position: 1585mm Height in Horizontal Position: 541mm Track Width: 700mm Blade Dimension..
Vertical Polishing Frame 1300
Edge polishing stand 1300 long for polishing granite that is standing vertical on edge, as opposed to horizontal polishing.  Provided with two rubber lined support rails, both of which are adjustable for height.  The upper support rail is used when polishing narrow width splash backs and skirting boards.  The upper rail is removed when polishing wider width work pieces. With..
Aardwolf Lifter 60 (Remote Control)
The patented Aardwolf Remote Control clamp is an accessory for lifting and moving slab-form loads.  The Aardwolf Remote-Controlled Slab Lifter incorporates a remote-controlled, spring-loaded latch that both grabs and releases the lifter from the slab without the aid of an assistant operator. This makes lifting and lowering slabs an even safer one-man operation, by operating the clamp ..
Triple Suction Cup
The Triple Suction Cup is suitable for use on glass, tiles, plastic or other smooth surfaced non-porous material and can also be used for pulling out dents.  All are fitted with a rubber seal, which will not damage contact surface during the lifting action.  Hand lift only, must not be used in conjunction with mechanical lifting equipment.contact surface during the lifting action. ..
2" (50mm) Ratchet Tie Down
Durable and reliable.  Used where it is important to have a high minimum break strength.  E.g. for lashing loads on vehicles. Specifications Material: 100% high tenacity polyester Colour: Yellow Webbing Width: 50mm Strap Length: 9.15m Breaking Strength: 4550kg Working Load Limit (WLL): 1500kg End Fitting: Double J Hook ..
Swivel Hook 3.0t (Alloy Steel)
A heavy duty hook with a swivel.  Includes a safety latch. Specifications Weight: 1.4kg ..
Fabrication Table
The modular work table may be used in any number of configurations for the perfect workstation.  Combine multiple units for large jobs or for one continuous work group.  The table has solid construction with a rubber lined surface.  Table also features adjustable cross bars and all metal parts are powder coated.  Unit includes centre table and two extension tables. F..
Forklift Jib FB3LP-5420
Forklift Jib FB3LP-5420 low profile design specifically designed for the unloading of marble & granite sheets from closed van containers, where height is a critical factor. The FB3LP-5420 is a telescoping two section rectangular tube steel jib built to comply with current safety guidelines and manufactured from heavy gauge Australian rectangular tube steel, which ensures strength, reli..
DC Powered Vacuum Lifter ARGL-500
The DC Powered Vacuum Lifter ARGL-500 is suitable for lifting and transporting glass elements of up to 500kg.  This device can be use to install windows and large glass sheets with the aid of a forklift, counter balance crane or overhead hoist.  On-board DC power systems provide cord-free operation at the job site.  Movable vacuum pads and extension arms allow the DC Powered Vacu..
Bar Clamp - 254mm
Bar Clamps have a unique purpose and function in the marble and granite workshops.  Designed for laminating edge strips, the Bar Clamps cut clamping time by 75% or more, increase production and improve quality of joints.  Bar Clamps are now an indispensable tool for the professional fabricator.  Fabricators who have used the Bar Clamps never want to go back to the days of C-clamp..
A-Frame 2440-QP
Ideal for transporting and storing material within the factory or transporting material to building sites.  Frame can be loaded onto truck by forklift or crane. Features Sturdy structure, designed so as to eliminate any risk of slab tipping over Slabs are placed on special rubber profiles and secured with 6 adjustable locking bars Six locking bars per frame moun..
AMVL300-4 Mechanical Vacuum Lifter (In-line)
No power source required.  Ideal for the horizontal handling of nonporous sheet and plate material such as, diamond sawn or polished granite, polished engineered stone, all types of metals, plastics and fibreglass.  An automatic self-cycling valve located in the bottom of the piston controls the vacuum grip-and release cycle. Features Self-powered and self-cycling ..
CNC Tooling Cart 42
The tooling table has two levels of tool holders (Includes the 42 tool holders).  21 tool holders per level.  Top shelf includes a 3mm thick rubber layer.  Lower shelf can be adjusted with three possible locations. Standard tooling cart is without doors.  Doors are optional with extra cost. Features Mounted on heavy duty casters Heavy gauge steel w..
Demountable Frame - 2350
Ideal for transporting and storing material within the factory or transporting material to building sites.  Rubber provided on frame surfaces for maximum protection.  Heavy-duty wheels allow easy maneuvering of your fully loaded cart in workshop and construction site.  Fits inside standard pick-up truck.  Frames can be safely placed on your truck by forklift or crane. ..
Load Master Trolley
Long slab carrying trolley with 2 pneumatic rubber wheels 325mm in diameter and one 140mm swivel caster.  Offset axle allows caster to share the weight.  Body 850 x 85mm with rubber vulcanised to bottom, sides and top of sides of trolley to avoid chipping edges of finished work piece.  Designed to move small drops and cut-to-size pieces.  Perfect for job sites where tigh..
Drill Press
A Drill Press is preferable to a hand drill when the location and orientation of the hole must be controlled accurately. Specifications Package Dimensions: L580 x W185 x H220mm Weight: 3.5kg   ..
Rubber Cap 100x50
Protective rubber cap for 100 x 50mm bundle rack posts.  Prevents chipping or scratching of marble & granite slabs. Specifications Weight: 0.14kg ..
Fork Extensions - Heavy Duty 2500 (pair)
The extra heavy duty fork extensions are built strong with double walls on the side and full plate on the underside.  A fast efficient way of handling lightweight loads of bulk.  Fork blade extensions are invaluable when it comes to loading or unloading material out of the back of pick-up trucks.  The fork extensions slide over fork blades and are locked onto fork blades by tight..
Scissor Lifter ASL-450
Aardwolf Scissor Lifters are equipped with rubber contact pads, which ensure the safe handling of materials.  By means of a gravity controlled locking latch, the clamp automatically grips and releases the load. Application Suitable for lifting marble and granite slabs, tomb stones, concrete barriers, curbs (kerbs) and median walls.  WLL 2000kg. Features Gr..
Pivot Forklift Jib PFB1-2600
The pivot jib model PFB1-2600 is adjustable for height and length.  The tilt facility allows extra height to compensate for the hook and sling length lost when lifting with a jib attachment. Features Pivots to allow an additional 1.7m in height Jib extension is designed so it cannot be pulled all the way out. The jib is firmly secured onto fork blades by two bolts ..