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The Handy Vacuum Lifter

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Brand: Aardwolf
Product Code: AHVL500
Price: $2,195.00 +GST
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The Handy Vacuum Lifter

The Handy Vacuum Lifter

The Handy Vacuum Lifter AHVL500 is powered by a venturi vacuum generator, which requires a source of compressed air in order to function, but requires no electricity.  The vacuum generator has no moving parts and therefore no lubrication is required.


  • Adjustable vacuum pads
  • Attach/release materials with an on/off slide valve
  • Acoustic alarm system independently powered by a small 9V rechargeable battery
  • Vacuum gauge for visual warning of low vacuum.

We declare that this product is in conformity with the following standard: AS 4991-2004 Lifting Devices.


Suction Pad Dimension: 520 x 320mm
Lifting Capacity: 480kg

Compressed Air Requirement
Air Consumption: 180 l/min
Supply Air Pressure: 5 bar at the vacuum lifter

Alarm System Battery Information
- Lipo Battery Capacity: 3.7V 2000mAhx1
- Standby Time: 720h
- Non Stop Working Time: 7h
- Charging Requirements:
  + Input: 220V 50-60Hz
  + Output: 5V 1A
- Charging Cycle: 1000 times
- Charging Time: 2h

Optional: A selection of different size vacuum pads:

520 x 125 mm - WLL 120 kg
520 x 160 mm - WLL 180 kg
520 x 220 mm - WLL 290 kg

Package Dimensions: L570 x W350 x H290mm
Weight Of Unit: 28.5kg

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