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Forklift Jib FB1-2720

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Brand: Aardwolf
Product Code: FB12720
Price: $868.00
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Forklift Jib FB1-2720

Forklift Jib FB1-2720

All Aardwolf forklift jibs are made from high-grade Australian rectangular tube steel, which ensures strength, reliability and safety.  The Aardwolf forklift jibs compliment the patented range of Aardwolf lifting clamps.

The Forklift Jib FB1-2720 is a telescoping two-section rectangular tube steel jib for use on 2t and 2.5t forklift trucks.  It offers versatility with maximum visibility for the driver.


  • Jib extension is designed so it cannot be pulled all the way out.
  • The jib is firmly secured onto fork blades by two bolts located at the back of each fork pocket and restraint pins.

NOTE: Jib lift capacities depends completely on capacity of forklift being used.


Maximum Load Capacity: Fully retracted - 1,500kg, fully extended - 500kg
Manually Telescopes From: 1.610 to 2.724m in 2 increments of 557mm
Fits Forks Sized Up To: 154mm wide x 58mm high
Fork Pockets: 366mm to centres
Weight: 91kg

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